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tv   [untitled]    April 24, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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it is because we have not had the same leadership we have had for the last six years. my focus is going to be on leadership. tonight even i have for that a great support and the need for a strong leader in the school district. just as the same as buena vista, it is in a dangerous place. tomorrow the interview process is taking place. our current vice principal is going to be in -- >i support larry and hope you support the same kind of leadership that we need in our school as well.
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>> the next group will be from harvey milk. so, we have janice, suzanne, jessica, chris price, leeanne francis, george kelly, richard o'brien. christine.
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>> my name is jessica and i am a teacher at the academy. i have been teaching since 2006. i am here tonight to state my support for the principle of our school. i feel supported by her on a daily basis. i feel she is a capable leader. we can continue to have an inclusive school with amazing children who are happy and feel safe. i know that she knows all of the children's names. i am also a member of the sfc. i believe we consider the sentiment of the harvey milk community and staff with soft fullness and integrity. -- thoughtfulness and integrity.
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>> i am in first grade teacher at harvey milk since 1996. i wanted to say that last year are district placed -- as a teacher i have felt that the vision, i have seen her commitment and experience, her expertise. she brought restorative practices to our school and we have seen a difference using this approach. she made herself available to the community of parents, teachers, and the neighborhood we are in. on numerous occasions, i needed her support with students with whom i was concerned for. she has given her time to talk with me about them. she followed up the progress of these children.
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i have collaborated with her on occasion around academics and school climate and found her to be open and inspiring. she is someone who is capable of leading us in the right direction. please consider her. >> i worked at harvey milk civil rights academy. some of the members of our school community presented their concerns to your board on april 10 about the current interim principal around the process of determining whether or not interviews will be open to search for a potential replacement. during the monthly meeting, the human resources representative represent -- requested an inquiry for a potential replacement for the interim principal. the recommendation was due back
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by their very 16. after gathering as much input as possible, including interviews and online polls about operations about the interview process, and the sfc submitted its recommendations to continue with her as the principal for the new school year. the sfc believes our final decision represents the 300 members of the harvey milk academy. thank you. [applause] >> i'm going to let her speak
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for me. >> i am an employee and harvey milk. i am here to say that i support tracy as principal at our school. since her implementation of practices, discipline has does -- diminished. she is a supporter of an administrator who is the uncompromising to provide quality education. she never loses sight of the students and their needs. some have stated their dissatisfaction with our leader. in addition to addressing the board, they have assembled to have her removed. this same group has become so loud they have stripped them from the primary reason acting at the school.
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they should work together to promote student success. instead the president has behaved as a goalie and has stated that the friends of harvey milk will cease to support the school unless certain ultimatums were met. this position is not beneficial to the students. how many principles will be school c due to a small minority not giving their way? -- will the school see due to a small minority not getting their way? thank you. [applause] >> my name is suzanne and i am a parent of a third grader at harvey milk.
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when my child first started entering the school, it was a deep community. there was parent involvement. what i have seen has been devastating. instead of being a community, the school has turned into an us versus them mentality. there are parents who are so obsessed with power they have allowed a volunteer community to turn into a power base for decision making including hiring and firing teachers. this select group of parents do not represent the harvey milk community as they are white and privileged. the advocate who wants to be in charge, i have heard her make racist comments -- >> keep your comments to general comments. >> i was told names were ok.
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they are not? ok. i question anybody who has these views because the main reason i wanted to send my child to harvey milk is because it is dedicated to social justice. i have seen there is a degree of bullying. anyone gets retaliated against. i received a nasty letter last week threatening to have my child kicked out of the after- school program based on nothing. [applause] >> hello. i would like to thank my colleagues for sparing me the details of the great conflict that seems to be going on at our
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school. it is wonderful to hear your expressions of your esteem for continuity. i had the privilege to work at the harvey milk site for 31 years. [applause] during that time, i saw many people come and go, even with the wonderful presence of a principal for 15 years, i have seen eight people in the time i have been there. i am here tonight to speak about my experience with tracy as the principal at our school. she is a considerate person. she is approachable, flexible, and open to new ideas. she believes in an open and frank dialogue. she will speak for mind but more importantly she will listen to the point of view of her colleagues. this makes for a good fit.
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>> my name is george and i am a volunteer at harvey milk. i have been volunteering there for 14 years and i love it. it is good for me and the families. today i would like to speak on behalf of mrs. peoples. i think she is doing a great job. she is very personable. she is sitting in a nicely as the leader of our school family. her outreach is welcome and appreciated. she is open to feedback and support of of students, staff, and us as volunteers. she is fair to our students and she shows it in her actions, whether it be disciplining students, encouraging a student, or even playing
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basketball during recess. i have seen her tree staff and students with respect. i admire her leadership skills. she is a good communicator. two weeks ago, a member of our staff passed away. he was well above doug harvey milk. she visited him in the hospital. she is committed to our school. tom loved her. it shows the affection she had for him. we were surprised by his passing. she informed the staff and families of our school. she did it in an educational and warm and compassionate way. she made herself available to the staff and students on a one- on-one basis to help us with of a grief. she took time for me because i had the same issues mr. tom does. she has no bias --
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>> thank you. [applause] >> hello, i have been a secretary at harvey milk for 20 years and i am also the volunteer coordinator and arts coordinator. i am dedicated to this court. i would like to point out some things which have occurred. i used to receive 10 bus a citations in a week. i have received five for the school year so far. i had fights day leave. now i have had 2. i used to have children using profanity toward visitors and staff. that no longer exists. children are in the classroom and they are being joyful learners. i am happy to have tracy as my principal.
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i have been there a long time. i am looking forward to working with for the next school year. thank you. >> i just started. my name is richard o'brien and i have a kid at harvey milk. miss peoples is hard-working sure if she is always there. she is a caring individual. she considers the needs of the kids and she teaches safety first. she has always had a priority to keep the kids doing what they're supposed to do. not lollygagging around. for spying. whatever kids do. i think she is doing a good job with the kids.
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she is appreciated for her hard work and dedication. keep tracy peoples as principal. >> next group, denis, liz, sanchez, chavez, martha. natalie.
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rebekah bradley, susan solomon. suzanna morgan. wait. yes. >> thank you, president yee. tonight you heard a lot about consistency and continuity. it is something to ponder that the last three academic deputies in san francisco moved on to become superintendent of a fiscal deputy has served under three or four superintendents. some things deserve to be continued. something should not be continued. they office is one. -- layoffs is one.
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that has become a game. another thing is confrontation. it is one thing about working with the the union. it is another thing to go into negotiations and face the kind of confused confrontation we are working with the there. if you looked out your windows this afternoon, you saw hundreds of teachers and supporters saying enough is enough. enough of this kind of behavior. this is not what you need to continue. this is not where you need to spend your consistency. make the effort to start off a the next superintendent see what you are this one. -- superitendency as you are this one. >> susan solomon, secretary of
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educators of san francisco. we are hearing about a lot of problems tonight. we also have solutions, sometimes. one of the big problems is money. our schools do not get enough money. in spite of the fact some people say you cannot throw money at a problem, this is a problem you can throw money at. we need more money. there is one way we can work on getting more money, that is to get that tax initiative on the ballot. we have a few more days to collect signatures on this petition and that, if it passes in november, it will raise $9 [)s0ñ go a longo solving the problem so that we do not have the money fight every year. if anybody appear has not yet
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signed the petition, i happen to have some copies with me right here. i would be happy to pass it along. anybody else in the chambers who wants to sign, come to me or i will come to you. [applause] >> hello, school board members. i am a third year teacher at an elementary school. this is my third time coming up to you because the last two years i have been laid off and this year my incredible professional, who has been the foundation for our program as we have transitioned, has been laid off after five years of teaching. i want to acknowledge that martha has been the teacher and
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a role model for every child at our school. every single person at our school is affected. i am asking, please take back to -- back the layoffs. it is critical that students have access to pre-k a under the education because it prevents issues later on. families have no access to education. i ask that you take back the closing of programs that are also impacting layoffs and to bring her back to our school. in one hour at school, we have
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received hundreds of letters, signatures from parents, 20 or 30 letters, and also a letter from students at our school because we want martha back. please take that into consideration and do everything you can to make it happen. >> how are you? my name is martha and i am working for three years together. when i received this notice, i did not expected. i am sad because no work is
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really hard. it is the only work i had. it has had an impact on me because we have a lot of issues in the family. i work all my heart with the children. i feel the teachers and parents do the best work for the children, too. thank you for listening to me. [applause] >> hello, i am a parent and i have three kids at paramount elementary. i live and work in san francisco. we work and non-profits. the cost of living in san
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francisco is high. when my oldest son went to a private program, half of my salary paid for that program. that was a sliding scale. that's cool no longer has a sliding scales. there is no more subsidies. my middle child goes to the pre- k program. it was wonderful. they loved that. you could not dream of a better team to work with your kids. it is a great model having it attached to this school because you get these high-quality teachers, it gives the kids more stability, the parents and kids more familiarity, and it provides affordable education. which is essential to economic success. i am going to go over a little bit because 5 parents had to go home from our school. one of their programs is being
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cut, the whole classroom. it is unbelievable that the school board can make this decision when all we're hearing about from every corner is that we have to raise test scores, we have this achievement gap. we heard it today. we have to raise the scores of english language learners. finally, martha was the heart of the problem -- program. we have to keep her. >> i am a teacher. early in this meeting, i felt i was experiencing a tale of two cities. while i can experience -- i knew that behind me, and people outside or in pain, suffering, and fear. i do not say that lightly. i do not see any smirks on the
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panel. it is real. i'm going to try to demonstrate a point. if i said, what is five times too. my students would say that is a true statement. if i said, 80 million = 0, they would say that is a false statement. what we are looking at is false statements. we know there is money in the district. all you're doing this, people are suffering and hurting. hundreds of teachers and parents are being laid off. hundreds of human beings are not sleeping at night. i want to bring up one other point. you talk about continuity. what continuity can you have one every year children go to their teachers and say are you going to be with us next year? you have guaranteed it in some schools. we need to guarantee it in all
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of it. we are tired of asking a things of you. we demand social and justice. we want to see some action on this. [applause] >> i am here for my wife and. she could not make it that called me and i felt like i had to come and say a few words for miss martha. my daughter is only in pre-k. i have to admit, what i see right now is like, i have these people here. helping me out so i do not have to do all that stuff. it is hard when i get the news that miss martha got the pink slip, it is kind of hard.
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hopefully you guys can do something to help miss martha. i am new at this what i see she does for the kids is incredible. hopefully you can do something for her. thank you. [applause] >> my name is rebecca bradley and then my mate -- i am a spanish teacher. i have spent most of my adult life teaching in spain. i started working here last year. when i started at cleveland elementary, i was told by several teachers that it was a revolving door. fortunately, this year we had a more stable staff and an inspired staff. sadly, one of our brightest stars has received a pink slip.
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we love her and she loves cleaveland. this is a teacher that wants to stay. do you understand? there are teachers, we want to stay. after 20 years of teaching in three countries, i am convinced that an exceptional teacher makes a difference. i believe cleaveland deserves a stable staff and the children -- thank you. >> my name is suzanne morgan. i am a art teacher in the elementary program. this is my fifth year being laid off. i am here to speak. there are 25 art teachers being laid off. we are being hit heavy in the
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elementary school setting. art is such an important part of student's lives. it helps them build connections and see the world from a different perspective. every art students should have visual arts once a week, which they do not. you are is still cutting arts down. we already suffered quite a bit, as art teachers. we do not have classrooms so we teach from cars. we barely have money from supplies, so we write grants. we traveled to five schools and we carry our supplies up and down stairs. but we make it work because we love what we do. we are great at what we do. every kid deserves an opportunity to have visual arts


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